Politically charged Brit horror Election Night launches crowdfunder

Prepare for palpitating, edge-of-your-seat suspense as Suspicious Character Films and Shooting Tiger Pictures present horror thriller ELECTION NIGHT, filming in London in February 2019 and due for release by Salt Film Releasing on DVD, Digital HD and in selected cinemas across the UK next October.

ELECTION NIGHT is a tense home invasion movie that taps into the rising unease and division that now plagues our world. It is a thought-provoking drama as well as being a gritty, violent horror. Think ABIGAIL’S PARTY crossed with THE PURGE in a normally quiet London suburb.

Five liberal friends have a party to celebrate the expected win of a female equivalent of Jeremy Corbyn. But a British Trump isn’t far behind her in the polls and he’s got people on the streets rioting, claiming they’ve stolen the

When three strangers caught up in the riots show up appealing for help, the friends welcome them. But as the election results trickle in, the strangers reveal themselves to be rioters with a thirst for revenge. When the sun rises the next day, not everyone will live to see the dawn of a frightening
new era…

ELECTION NIGHT will be the directorial debut of Neil Monaghan. A writer for film, theatre, television and radio, Neil originally trained with the BBC, working in postproduction for the Film Department.

He has written several award-winning shorts as well as features including MADE IN ROMANIA, a comedy ‘mockumentary’ about independent filmmaking starring Jason Flemyng, Jennifer Tilly, Danny Huston and Elizabeth Hurley. He also worked for former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott on three Labour General
Election campaigns.

The film will be produced by Ben Pickering, one-time Conservative Parliamentary candidate and on-off filmmaker for the past twenty years.

His most recent feature, the psychological thriller WELCOME TO CURIOSITY starring Richard Blackwood (EASTENDERS’ Vincent) and Amrita Acharia (Ruby from THE GOOD KARMA HOSPITAL and Irri in GAME OF THRONES) was released in the UK, USA and Canada in 2018. It was the world’s first crowd-investor funded film and comes out in China, France and Germany in 2019.

Neil and Ben have launched a Kickstarter campaign to complete the funding for the film, which has a budget of £50,000. Neil and Ben are funding £35,000 of the budget themselves and are looking for £15,000 from supporters to get the film over the line.
If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, ELECTION NIGHT will shoot on location in London in February 2019.

Support Election Night on Kickstarter HERE

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