American Horror Story: Apocalypse review

ahs apocalypse.jpg

Well that was quite the ride.

After one of its best season to date with Cult, American Horror Story again experienced a bit of a rollercoaster with its latest offering; Apocalypse.

The much anticipated crossover between the Murder House and Coven seasons saw the witches pitted against Satan himself.

With nods to the Omen franchise (which is comically referenced in a later episode), we find out the son of Satan brings on the said apocalypse, which turns the world to ash in the opening episodes.

The first few episodes are very much scene setters and loaded with red herrings as the real action kicks in once the witches arrive.

Although Sarah Poulson’s Cordelia is the Supreme it’s Frances Conroy’s Myrtle who chews the scenes with some witty dialogue, showing that words can be more powerful than actions.

The season highlight is definitely the return to Murder House where we see the return of Jessica Lange’s Constance, feeling like she’s never been away.

Here is where we the season is truly mapped out and the stakes are raised.

From here the pace does slowly down as we get bogged down in the growing cult of followers Michael (Cody Fern) has accrued for his masterplan.

Luckily the finale really cuts loose and let’s our characters have plenty of fun and round off the story in a pretty satisfying manner.

The return of Angela Bassett’s Marie Laveau is suitably feisty, although at this point we have had so many comebacks it’s hard to keep track. It’s fan service on one level but it will also make you smile that little bit more.

It may not Lange carrying the show anymore, but American Horror Story: Apocalypse thrives because it’s of Legion; and they are many.


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