I, Survivor by Andrew Yong review

It was by chance I saw a tweet from Director and now Author Adam Green, for I, Survivor a fictional autobiography of Andrew Yong from the Hatchet series.

Here we get to see the Honey Island Swamp massacre from a perspective of a survivor and look at the fall out and trauma it can inflict on one person.

Of course it would have been easy to focus on Victor Crowley, but keeping him in the background is perfect for this story as he becomes even more the mythological boogeymen.

As for Yong he cuts a tragic figure whose life was coming apart even before the massacre but has since really hit rock bottom.

By fleshing out the character it will certainly make you look at him differently the next time you watch Hatchet 3 or Victor Crowley.

It’s easy to draw comparisons on some levels to Laurie Strode from Halloween (2018) but in this case Yong is accused of Crowley’s crimes and can’t even get a gun licence to protect himself.

Giving context to the carnage that unfolds leading up to last years Victor Crowley film gives the franchise more depth and shows Green has his Hatchet universe well mapped out.

At just over 300 pages this is short and sweet and a must for any of the Hatchet army.


I, Survivor is available on Amazon now.

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