The Barn Part II crowdfunder announced

The Barn Part II

In 2015’s indie Halloween horror The Barn debuted and took the festival circuit by storm and now we’ve had the ultimate treat of the season – the announcement of a crowdfunder for The Barn Part II.

The first film really captured the spirit of Halloween as a group of teenagers face off against the triple threat of The Boogeyman, Hallowed  Jack and Candycorn Scarecrow.

It was like an episode of Goosebumps for adults with plenty of gore and practical effects that harken back to the slasher glory days of the early 1980’s.

The original also featured horror stars Linnea Quigley and Ari Lehman (Jason from the original Friday the 13th), with the aim that they will return for the sequel.

A bigger body count, new monsters and plenty of other perks have been promised by Writer/Director Justin M. Seaman.

There’s also a few questions to answer including the fates of Sam, Josh and Michelle as well as the Bogeyman and Ms. Barnhart who wanted to ban Halloween in Helen’s Valley.

To find out more about The Barn Part II and how you can get involved click HERE


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