Scary Endings – Party Crashers review

By Eric Trigg

In the finale of the short series on youtube we follow a married couple who are tortured by a man who ha a score to settle with the wife of the household.

This episode titled Party Crashers stars Ryan Dillon, Camila Jackson, and Jai Koutrae. Directed by John Fitzpatrick this short follows Ben, and his wife who are terrorized by an intruder during the night. Ben (Ryan Dillon) wakes up covered in dishware, and an intruder towering over him at bedside.

The intruder (Jai Koutrae) tells Ben if he moves and drops a piece of dishware his wife (Camila Jackson) will die. Now how Ben didn’t hear or feel any of this prior the setup is anyone’s guess.

Only lasting for about five minutes the episode flashes back and forth between Ben, his wife, and the intruder who reveals their self to be an old lover of sorts from the wife’s past.

It’s never stated but enough evidence is given to allow the viewer to come to that logical assumption. The predicament Ben is trapped in becomes progressively intense and may create anxiety for certain viewers.

The entire cast give it their all and deliver solid performances.

John Fitzpatrick did an amazing job with this series and Party Crashers was a good send off.

Watch Scary Endings below –

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