The Crescent review (Celluloid Screams 2018)


This was the UK premiere of the trippy and occasionally nightmarish The Crescent.

The basis of the story revolves around a recently widowed mother and her son, who move to her mother’s house in the coast to put their lives back together.

Where the film really succeeds is building mood as well as the cinematography being simply stunning at times.

The place they have come to has secrets too which slowly unravel and where The Crescent is refreshingly different is using the perspective of the young son Lowen.

At times he is on the level the child from the Babadook for being slightly annoying but as with many horror films it is the children who see what’s really there instead of the adults.

This makes for some very creepy scenes but sadly these are indispersed with very trippy and hypnotic shots which feel a little overused and take us out of the narrative.

The Crescent is a mixed bag which will undoubtedly polarise audiences.

The UK premiere screened at Celluloid Screams – Sheffield Horror Film Festival.


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