Director talks indie horror ‘e-Demon’

We got the chance to quiz Writer/Director Jeremy Wechter all about his new horror e-Demon, here’s what he had to say –
Tell us where the idea came from for e-Demon?
Watching American Horror Story got me into a horror state of mind and I directed a webcam short movie back in 2007.   I reversed engineered the idea based on what I was able to produce in terms of resources, location, equipment, cast, and crew.  And then I really loved the idea that emerged:  A supernatural being from the past who is released into the present and uses technology to control us.
e-DEMON is a creepy, entertaining movie about a group of college friends reconnecting via video chat.   They’re having fun drinking and reminiscing when one of them plays a prank and accidentally releases a clever demon that had been trapped for centuries.
The great, great, great, great grandmother of the prank player was a witch who saved humanity and was ultimately killed during the Salem Witch trials.   Now that this demon has been released into the modern era, it discovers it can use technology to manipulate and divide us.
And since this demon can possess multiple people at once, the friends must determine who they can trust in order to survive the night.
How much social commentary is going on in this film?
My primary concern is entertaining the audience.  And in previous e-DEMON screenings, the audience is always engaged for the entire rollercoaster ride from the humorous moments to the quiet dread of suspense to the visceral shock as the e-DEMON possesses more and more people.
However, in the news and social media, we are often hearing stories about mysterious evil forces using technology to manipulate our fear and divide us.  This challenging dynamic that we are facing in the real world is the core of e-DEMON.
Who was the hardest character to write?
I don’t think there was any single character that was harder to write than any other.  What I focused on was creating characters and relationships that rang true.  It’s important that the audience empathizes with this group as they try to figure out who they can trust as more and more people get possessed.
What original element does e-Demon bring to the table?
The e-DEMON has the unique amazing ability to utilize the memories, skills, emotions and physical abilities of the host body. This is the key to the e-DEMON’s manipulative nature.  Just imagine not knowing if you can trust your own family member or friends or lovers in the middle of a crisis?  Imagine they could all just turn on you and hurt you. To me that’s one of the scariest things ever.
There are tons of real world elements in e-DEMON ranging from the Salem witch craft trials to  the belief in some cultures that cameras steal bits of the subject’s soul.  As conveyed by the great grandmother character, during the Salem witch trials, the e-DEMON was trapped by an amazing witch practitioner who sacrificed herself to save humanity. Great grandmother warns everyone to guard the trunk, but Mar doesn’t listen to her.
Tell us about the shooting process for the film?
e-DEMON was a very challenging movie to make.  Unlike old-school found-footage movies, this webcam movie couldn’t cut away whenever I wanted, since it’s all happening in real-time with a bunch of windows opened at any given time.
Each location in every window of the video-chat was shot totally separately.  Therefore, we had to shoot the movie from beginning to end in every single location then move on to the next location and start all over again.
We used two Contour cameras in every location.  One which stood in as the desktop computer webcam and one that stood in as the headset camera.
Editing a movie like this was a unique challenge.  Since most of the movie has two to five windows open at any given time, it was like editing multiple movies simultaneously while needing to keep them matched up. Our post-production wizard Matt Brunson-Cline was really able to work his magic when putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.
When can horror fans expect the release of e-Demon?
e-DEMON was released in theaters in September!  Now you can watch e-DEMON on iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Amazon, DirectTV, Tivo, Dish Network, PlayStation, and Comcast, Cox Communications, & Charter via InDemand.


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