Horizon Season 2 Episode 1 review

Horizon series 2

It’s been a while since science fiction web series Horizon has been on our screens, so like an old friend you just hit it off with after not seeing for months, we’re glad its back.

The premise for those playing catch up; an alien invasion told from the perspective of a group in Bristol.

What Horizon does really well is getting a full and humane perspective of what could be the apocalypse.

We get hints of a wider plot but Horizon is all about people, real people and that’s what makes it compelling viewing.

In this episode we spend time with Dan, who has shown hints of special powers in the wake of the invasion as well as Nicole who begins training for what could be a war to come.

There is some scene setting, but it feels great to have Horizon back, with the closing moments packing a gut punch that will surely drive the series forward.

Watch the second season opener below –


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