“Terrortory 2” premieres for free On Amazon Prime 1st October

Terrortory 2 poster 2b s.jpg
“Terrortory 2”, the sequel to the Amazon Star of October 2016, will premiere on October 1, 2018 on Amazon Prime. The film expands upon the original legend of the Terrortory, a wooded area in Maryland purported to contain monsters and urban legends.
Both films are in the popular anthology format like Creepshow, Tales From The Darkside, and Trilogy of Terror.
The film was shot entirely in Maryland and is the seventh  feature from filmaker Kevin Kangas, writer/director of the award-winning “Hunting Humans”, “Fear of Clowns 1&2”, “Bounty” and “Garden of Hedon”.
“Terrortory 2” is written entirely by Kangas other than one segment that’s written by Stoker-nominated horror novelist Ronald Malfi. (“Bone White”, “Snow”, “Floating Staircase”).
The film features actors Richard Cutting(“National Treasure 2”), Joe Cardamone(“Alaska Ice Cold Killers”, Stormi Maya(“Death Kiss”), Josh Davidson(“Dead Island”), M.T. Smith(“Deadlands 2: Trapped”), Frederick Cowie(“Plan 9 From Outer Space”), Ali Lukowski(“You’re F**kin’ Dead!”), and B-movie legend George Stover(“Nightbeast”, “Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold” and “Hairspray”).
Many of the segments sport an 80’s synth score by Bob Battle, while the rest is classical orchestra by U.K. composer Terence Jones. Special Effects by Mark Wenger, co-creator of Terrortory.
The Amazon link won’t be available until October 1st, but all of Kangas’ movies available on Amazon Prime can be found at . http://bit.ly/amazonhorror, and the Terrortory 2 link will be updated the minute the movie is live on Amazon. The original Terrortory has been made free again so people can catch up in preparation for the sequel.
The movie will be free for the entire month of October, says director Kangas.
“I’d like nothing more than for people to add it to their ’31 Nights of Halloween’ viewing schedule. I know I’m always looking for new horror movies to check out during the greatest month of the year, so I’m sure others will be also.”
The first Terrortory was a smash hit at Amazon, and became a certified Amazon Star, being one of the top 100 movies viewed through the service in October of 2016. Over five million minutes were watched, from the U.S. to Germany to Japan and the United Kingdom.
The final trailer can be found below –

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