Face of Evil review

Face of Evil.jpg

By Daniel King

One man film industry Vito Dinatolo is responsible for most of the crucial elements of this US zombie / conspiracy thriller, made a couple of years ago.

He wrote, directed, shot, scored, edited and produced the film so really is the sole person to whom praise or criticism should be addressed. Unfortunately it’s mostly the latter but there are one or two elements which make it worth your while… just.

Jay (Scott Baxter) is a serviceman returning home from deployment. His sister and goofy buddies decide to throw a party for him and the next thing you know his ex-girlfriend becomes infected with an zombie-like virus. Fleeing the house, Jay finds himself in a living nightmare and it’s not until he runs into his former sergeant that he finds someone who believes him.

It’s at that point which the film turns from a horror picture into a blackly comic conspiracy thriller / action movie, meaning that instead of characters running around Jay’s house in terror we get characters driving around what looks like L. A. in a state of extreme paranoia.

None of it is particularly horrifying or thrilling however and it’s more the technical elements that maintain the interest. Dinatolo’s photography is good and the sound has well designed. Sadly though the writing is not in the same league, being mostly a foul-mouthed collection of clichés.

As a result of not getting anything memorable to say, the cast are all at sea and their performances suffer as a consequence; the only one who makes any sort of impression is Chad Bishop as Sarge.

Dinatolo makes some effort to include references to issues such as treatment of military veterans, and gun control, and deserves credit for doing so, but they aren’t fully explored which is frustrating if you’re looking for something beyond the obvious to keep you interested. Out now on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray.

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