Will Jordan Peele’s Candyman work?

Jordan Peele

One of the most interesting stories of the week (and it’s only Tuesday!) is that Jordan Peele is in talks to remake Candyman.

Naturally there is some push back from the horror community on this, with the original wrote by terror maestro Clive Barker.

The film also featured a star turn from Tony Todd and some fans are worried about who could fill his ample boots.

I have to say I think this project has serious potential, if Peele signs on.

Coming off the smash hit Get Out, which had some bold social commentary on race, Peele could update the Candyman story for the modern day.

Lest we forget that Bernard Roses’ original was filmed in real, run down communities with some of the cast fearing for their safety.

Although this might not be right approach for a remake, it must surely give someone like a visionary like Peele.

For now we wait to see if this story has legs, but a Candyman remake could build a brand new franchise; which in itself is an exciting prospect.

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