He’s Out There review

As with some of the greatest horror films of all time, they seem to slip under the radar initially.

Halloween was notoriously panned by critics on initial release but went on to make a killing at the box office.

He’s Out There follows a tried and tested home invasion slasher formula but goes to another level in tension building.

We follow a family who retreat to a secluded lakeside house for a holiday only to be terrified by a masked assassin.

His mask looks something like someone in a Purge film would wear and his motives remain fairly mysterious until the closing stages, which actually adds to his mystique.

Netflix’s Hush certainly feels like it had an effect on the maker’s of this, as the killer toys with the family before striking.

The bold step here is to put young children in the firing line, which is a balance you have to make sure you get right but He’s Out There pulls it off and adds another dimension of terror to proceedings.

He’s Out There borrows from slasher classics but carves it’s own path for a fresh, fun and occasionally terrifying ride.

The film screens at Arrow Video Frightfest on Sunday and is released on DVD in the UK on 24th September.


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