Christian James talks ‘Hell Fest’

Christian James.jpg

We’re really being spoilt for treats leading up to Halloween this year and one that came out of the blue is haunted house horror ‘Hell Fest’, pitting a group of friends against a masked killer at a horror amusement park.

We chat to Christian James who plays Quinn all about the film that could become the next big horror franchise.

What can you tell us about your character Quinn?
Quinn is a lovable goofball, he’s the type of friend who is always making sure you are having fun and always has your back.
What was the audition process like for Hell Fest?
It was a crazy ride for me, I flew to ATL for callbacks and after weeks of silence got a call at 9am saying I was back on the table. Had another Skype session and 4hrs later I was booked.
Did you enjoy scare parks and ghost trains as a child?
I loved them, I actually worked in a few in my hometown when I was in highschool.
This film has slipped under the radar until the trailer was released, does it have potential to be the sleeper horror hit of the year?
Definitely think this film will be a KILLER! It’s a crazy new idea with a bunch of amazing scares kills and fun!
Are you a fan of horror films?
I have become one since wrapping up filming!
Did you have any scenes with Tony Todd?
I had a few scenes with him, he is incredible at what he does and honest to God the biggest sweetheart.
Describe Hell Fest in 3 words?
A Horror Franchise!
What’s the weirdest thing you ever dressed up as for Halloween?
I think that would have to be a mobile phone.
How does the killer in Hell Fest compare to classic villains like Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger?
Hell Fest is out in cinemas on 28th September.

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