The Meg review

The Meg 8

It’s fair to say that from all the promotion that we knew what to expect from Jon Turtletaub’s The Meg.

What is quite interesting about this whole man vs shark chompfest, is how deeply we invested we can become in the group charged with battling this prehistoric beast.

Leading them is Jason Statham’s Jonas Taylor who, haunted by an encounter years before is brought back into the fold to rescue a crew from the depths of the ocean where you know who is lurking.

But unlike a lot of other shark and monster movies, The Meg doesn’t just throw people under the bus or into the shark jaws in this case. It creates moments of real tension as our team are putting in perilous danger.

The tricky part is with a shark of this size (70-90 feet long) the common man has pretty little chance against (well unless you’re Statham) so the CGI shark can sometimes appear just too big a threat to be scary, if you catch my drift.

What the Meg does excel at is action set pieces with a lot of them taking place underwater but the standout being when the Meg invades a beach of swimmers with carnage ensuing.

It’s not Jaws but it never was going to; what The Meg is, is an excellent, fun action movie with a villain to rival the Kong’s and Godzilla’s of this world anytime soon.

The Meg vs. Kong anyone?


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