Netfl!x and Kill Episodes 1-3 review

Netfl!x and Kill.jpg

One of the first web series ventures Hex Studios, Nefl!x and Kill takes inspiration from comedies such as Blackadder and even to an extent Car Share.

Essentially it’s just two people talking on a sofa, but when one is a serial killer and the other is a victim being held hostage it makes for some great dark humour.

Across the first 3 episodes now screening on Hex Studios YouTube channel we are treated some twisted laughs as the killer so far has immitated Leatherface, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees – well even though he doesn’t like horror films and thinks that people that do aren’t right in the head.

The killer is played by The Hobbit alumni Adam Rhys Davies who is clearly enjoying hamming it up with co-star Nic Lamont, who show great on-screen chemistry.

We will be sure to check out the next episode screening next Saturday.

Watch the first 3 episodes of Netfl!x and Kill below –

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