Can the ‘Child’s Play’ remake work?


News broke earlier today that a remake of Child’s Play has been fast tracked by MGM and is set to start production in September, but is there a way this can succeed?

The Chucky series is very much a by-product of the 80’s and has to date spawned 7 films and also has a TV series spinoff in the works from original creator Don Mancini.

Because MGM owns the rights to the original film they don’t need to ask permission from Mancini to move forward on the project; explaining his glaring absence.

Befor the the surprisingly entertaining Curse of Chucky brought the series back from the dead in 2013 Mancini stated that a remake was on the table before the idea for Curse come around; but was eventually rebuffed.

Rumours suggest that the remake will be contemporary and feature a high tech version of the Chucky doll which will terrorise a group of children, taking notes from the success of Stranger Things.

There are a lot of questions that remain about this film though, such as will Brad Dourif be tempted from Mancini’s TV series to the reboot or will this be an original cast?

Can the idea of Chucky even work in modern horror?

Whereas Curse of Chucky was a return to form fans picked fault with the muddled Cult of Chucky which sent the series in a whole new direction.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited to see Chucky return to the big screen? Comment below and let us know.

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