Truth or Dare review

Truth Or Dare film

It was described as the first real flop for horror juggernaut Blumhouse but Truth or Dare is certainly more than the sum of its parts.

Granted it takes a while to hit its stride but once we get over the halfway point Jeff Wadlow’s film really becomes something quite unique.

There are riffs of It Follows, as a curse is passed on to a group of teen friends, who if when prompted lie, die in some very creative ways.

This motif becomes quickly formulaic but once the deck is cleared of unnecessary characters and dig deeper into this curse and the occult it leads to some excellent set pieces.

The cast includes Teen Wolf alumni Tyler Posey and Awkward’s Nolan Gerard Funk to satisfy the target teen audience and although their acting is wooden at times they are bailed out by the story.

Not completely essential but a fun popcorn movie, Truth or Dare will make you think twice about playing ‘that’ game anytime soon.

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