Director talks Mythos – A Friday the 13th fan film

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One of the most exciting fan projects on the horizon is Writer/Director’s Jeremy W. Brown’s Mythos – A Friday the 13th fan film, a short which brings Jason face to face with the child of Tommy Jarvis.

Here’s what Jeremy had to say about the project –

Why did you decide to follow on from the Jason Lives story arc?
The reason I decided to follow the Jason Lives story arc is because this was a story told to Tommy’s daughter Angelica Jarvis, and Tommy’s last memory would be of everything that happens through 4-6.
So we decided as writers that sticking to a follow-up from Jason Lives made the most sense. Angelica’s story picks up some time after Jason Lives, and this is why our audience gets to see Part 6 Jason. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can promise, this is a genuine fan tribute to part 6, with a bit of a darker overtone.
How important do you think Tommy Jarvis has become to the franchise?
Tommy Jarivs is important to the franchise because he was the first hero I watched as a kid in the horror world, I grew with him just as he grew through the movies (though he grew much faster than I).
Granted Feldman was 12 at the time of the filming, but he was still felt like a kid my age, so watching him fight off Jason was so entertaining to me, and then all the masks and everything he could do, I was just blown away, I wanted to be like him and chase the makeup side of things as a kid. Then came a New Beginning which was confusing to me to see Tommy just jump to like an adult, but I still was excited that he was still going, still with the masks, and even moreso a guy that keeps on surviving Jason (even a fake one).
Then came Part 6, and I was reading books like ‘Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’ and had homework about what movies kind of borrow from this classic novel, and that’s when I saw “Jason Lives.” I wrote the greatest book report of my life I felt and what an experience 6 was.
At the time, my dad was really into Alice Cooper, so he loved the movie as well. I watched it probably 30 or more times as a kid and it remains one of my favorites. So to answer your question in finality, Tommy Jarvis is important to the franchise because he was a hero in a series of films where everyone considered Jason the anti-hero, you ultimately rooted for the both of them, and he influenced my childhood greatly.
I take it you are big fans of CJ Grahams portrayal of Jason, is he your favorite Jason?
CJ Graham is who I felt really created the start of physicality of Jason Voorhees, which Kane Hodder, in my eyes, probably used as a lot of inspiration for his Jason Voorhees.  CJ has a dominating presence with his strength, his movement and his body language, he terrified me as a kid.
However, it’s not easy for me to pick a favorite, I love Kane Hodder for his dedication to the role, even though he was not always involved in the best stories, but he was the king of the physicality and intimidation. Warrington Gillette first gave Jason life, and gave me the worst nightmares with his slow motion grab through the window, and the unrelenting chase he gives.
Richard Brooker had them long dangling arms that just seemed to extend through everything he punched/stabbed , and that walk that he had that made you feel uneasy because he wasn’t in a big hurry to get to you because he already knew he was smashing. Then Ted White who really conveyed that stalker skill and that menacing strength that made him feel unstoppable.
I feel I would have to say that every single Jason up to Part 8 has had some grand design into my love of Jason, but I feel Kane Hodder was the overall winner for me growing up.
Where will you be filming Mythos?
Mythos the film, will be shot entirely on location in Idaho. We have beautiful lakes, forests, and some amazing campgrounds.
The thing that really makes where I’m from, which is Boise, Idaho, an exciting location is that we can go over a few miles and there is a sand dune, then a few miles the other way is desert, and a few more miles in another direction is a beautiful national forest, and then a city that supports film making, with many stores who support us.
A bookstore downtown loaned us its facilities for shooting one of our scenes, which we couldn’t of done without them. It’s a great place to film.
Were there any other timelines you considered for your Friday the 13th film?
Well I look at the timelines in two ways, the alive Jason, you know, the one that could be killed, and the undead Jason that could only be put into a dormant state.
I really was always so intrigued with the undead Jason because I always had an affinity for zombie films and undead Jason had all these powers that made him feel unstoppable.
So to be honest, I never really considered the earlier timelines as they felt a little all over the place, at least once we got into undead Jason the stories, however ridiculous some of them were, seemed a bit more on a continuing path. So to answer your question, I really didn’t consider another timeline.
The original is 40 years old in a couple of years time, do you think there is still a chance of the series being resurrected again?
I think a continuation into the world of Tommy Jarvis would be the most brilliant thing the studios could do with a Friday the 13th film. The fans still love Tommy and with the game being ever so popular now, EVERYONE knows who Tommy Jarvis is now.
Which is super exciting to me. Plus Thom showed he still has the acting chops in Never Hike Alone. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of talking with Thom Matthews and he’s still all about Tommy, which is surprising to me as a fan because most actors get tired of the fan service, but not Thom. So studios, if you’re listening, WE WANT JARVIS!!
What did you enjoy most about Jason Lives?
I think what really made me love Jason Lives was how it felt. It had everything I wanted and still does. Great kills, car chases, awesome music, and the awesome duo of Megan and Tommy. Plus who didn’t like Sheriff Garris?
Then that opening had that Frankenstein’s monster vibe to it, which cuts to that amazing Bond opening, and you knew from there that shit was going to be crazy awesome with this one. Tom McLoughlin really wanted to give audiences everything, and I felt he did, which is why this film stills stands up today.
First timers I sent to do their Friday the 13th homework loved 6 as well, so it’s just one of those films that you can find something for everyone to enjoy, even now.
Can we expect an Alice Cooper esque soundtrack like that film?
We have a lot of inspired music coming into this film, and we’re for sure looking at the Alice Cooper aspect as well. We’re working with a band called “Dead Animal Assembly Plant” that has this darker sound that really plays into how dark we’re taking our film, and a great composer in Brandon Freeman, who really understands how to capture that Harry Manfredini emotion in music.
As Jason Lives was a bit lighter in its feel, we’re really going dark on this one, and we feel we have “assembled” a great team of music makers to really develop the sound for this film. We’re pretty excited actually.
What was your casting call like for Jason?
Well we knew we had to have a Kane Hodder sized Jason, we considered a few actors, but the height was very important and Jason Brooks, sent in a demo reel of him in action, he acted out a few scenes and came highly recommended as he had worked at a few haunts as the Jason character.
When we saw him on camera and how hulking and unstoppable he looked, we knew he was the right guy for the film. Not only that, but he’s a very kind and humble person who goes the extra mile, our Jason, designed his very own outfit, and worked tirelessly to help us in every aspect. In fact, he’s currently running our Facebook and Instagram social media.
It’s that rare chance to stalk Jason back. I should also add, he works out as much as he can, and he really was able to do a fantastic combination of CJ and Kane’s physicality mixed with his own touches. My favorite part, he’s a good Jason not just because of his size.
Tell us about some of the perks of the Indiegogo campaign?
Well we have a lot of great perks, we’re still working on a final t-shirt design, but I assure you we have some amazingly talented artists doing up some great work on it. We are aiming for a retro feeling shirt/hoodie that captures the spirit of the old with the new.
We have a hand painted “Camp Forest Green” sign done by Vincente DiSanti of the Never Hike Alone fame. We also have signed posters, scripts, behind the scenes featurette, hats, and all the goodies you could want to display on your wall, or yourself.
But I think some of the most exciting perks are the custom designed masks by Brian Hargrave of Splat Creation Studios, all signed on the back with our entire cast and crew, and they are screen worn masks, so none of the replica stuff.
A full sized hand painted Camp Crystal Lake sign with our whole cast and crew signing the back of it (Optionally), and a fully lit poster that you can hang from your wall like a theater poster, it’s back lit and looks amazing in any room.
However, the big reward has to be our “I am Jason” reward. Not only do you get the entire Jason outfit, with the screen worn mask, signed machete, custom designed by our very own Jason Brook, leather pouches and sheathes, but you get to decide how we kill one of our camp students.
That’s right, you get to design the kill, and we’re going to fly you out here and get you on set to watch us perform it, with a 100% guarantee that it will be used in the final cut of the film.
Plus we have a special deal that with everyone who contributes to the campaign, we’re doing a random drawing and flying someone out here with flight and hotel covered (US only, sorry, international flights are crazy expensive) to join us for a grand night of fun at our premiere! We’re making this for fans, and if the fans are supporting us, you better know full and well we’ll do the very same for them within reason.
Which original character was the most fun to write for Mythos?
For me writing Angelica was a lot of fun, figuring out how she thinks, he she would feel about her father’s stories of Jason Voorhees, how she would plan her move against him, it was all very fascinating and quite fun to write.
However I have a special place for all the character, they all bring their own little stories to the table that really make the film come together. Also I won’t lie, writing stuff for Jason Voorhees was surreal, it felt scary at times, as he’s so iconic that I knew a misstep would cause a lot of fans groaning and booing.
Our story is very unique and it may cause a bit of a stir, but that’s ok, it’s something I felt has never been explained in any of the Friday the 13ths, and I know that sometimes it’s better that way, but this story feels like it adds to the mythos of Jason, and does nothing to take away from him.
If you get successfully funded, what is the release date target?
If we’re successfully funded, we are tentatively looking at a December release, we will want everything to be flawless before it gets to the eyes of the fans, and we feel doing that extra work in post is worth a little bit of a wait.
If funding is successful we’re going to aim for shooting in August, it’s a LOT of complex kills to film, so there will be a lot of time needed for filming and planning.
However, I think our kills will be some of the best you’ve seen in a Friday film in a long time, and especially if we get a hardcore fan that gets to design his/her own kill, that would only add to the uniqueness of our Jason experience.
You can support Mythos – A Friday the 13th fan film on IndieGoGo HERE

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