The Cured review

The Cured

It’s quite refreshing to find a ‘zombie’ film ready to step out of the comfort zone and try new things.

‘The Cured’ from the get go tries to be different, as it pitches a time when the world is post-zombie and in throes of finding a cure.

Here in lies the problem though as the cured as released back into society and are treated much the same as a serial killer would be if ever released. The difference here is the cure has allowed them to remember as the nasty things they did when zombified, making for some very extreme PTSD.

We follow the journey of Senan (Sam Keeley) who despite being welcomed into his sister in law’s home, is having very vivid nightmares of being a flesh muncher.

What is interesting about ‘The Cured’, is the way it leans on a socio-political agenda as the returnees are lambasted, mocked and ultimately told to go away and live a life far away from ‘normal’ society.

I found it had similarities to the reaction the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s.

Although the film doesn’t rely on action set pieces, it ramps up for a pulsating and gut wrenching finale as zombies are let loose before cured and raise some hell.

Keeley is excellent as the tormented Senan with Ellen Page shining as sister in law Abbie who leans just on the right side of sympathetic.

The Cured is a mature, polished zombie film with a real intelligence which ultimately makes it a must watch.

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