Jinxed by Thommy Hutson review


I can’t really say I have read a slasher novel before but Thommy Hutson’s Jinxed is an excellent read which at times you can visualise as a film.

Hutson has horror previous, having worked on the Never Sleep Again book which proceeded the documentary, produced the Crystal Lake Memories documentary, wrote His Name was Jason and Scream: The Inside Story. Same to say slashers is his knowledgeable subject.

With close resemblances’ to Stage Fright and to a lesser extent Scream 2, it tells the story of a secluded, school for wealthy kids looking to make it big. As with all of these stories though, the school has a dark past which manifests itself in a series of murders and a group of students desperately trying to figure out the killer’s identity before being sliced and diced.

Where Jinxed really succeeds, is keeping the final act on hold for as long as possible before unleashing a bloodbath. We invest time in the characters and although it is an ensemble, certainly care to extent about most of the characters before they’re killed or out in peril.

Also the revelation of the killer, unlike some slasher films isn’t as obvious as it may seem which is ultimately down to Hutson’s writing.

There is minor sequel potential for Jinxed but as a stand alone it works perfectly for fans of the Scream, Friday the 13th and Halloween series’

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