Return of the Slasher review

Return of the Slasher

During the opening credits Return of the Slasher is states a dedication to John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis, presumably for their involvement in Halloween.

‘Return…’ is very much a Halloween homage, with an escaped mental patient on the loose in suburbia America and although it does copy many scenes from Carpenter’s classic there is something refreshingly stylish about it.

Also the killer is driving around in Christine, a further homage to Carpenter this short finds some new avenues to explore with a haunting finale and an excellent original synth score.

Although he does move like The Shape most notably the killer here in unmasked, although you never get a clear look at his face.

The highlight is definitely a car chase scene through some woods which evokes memories of Halloween 5.

Return of the Slasher is a slick tribute to Carpenter’s Halloween without straying much from the source material.


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