Friday the 13th: Part 13 script review


Early last year we heard that the latest attempt to resurrect the Friday the 13th franchise was dead in the water.

With a legal dispute on-going with original writer Victor Miller, the series seems like it will remain on the shelf until the legalities of the case are done and dusted.

We got the chance to read the script from Aaron Guzikowski which was just weeks away from shooting before Paramount pulled the plug after allegedly the poor box office returns of Rings.

Guzikowski script, which is a shade under 100 pages is certainly a very different take on the origin story, most notably introducing the elusive Elias Voorhees.

Father Voorhees has only been hinted at previously in the series, most notably in unfilmed storyboards for the end of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

Here we open with Elias, and not Jason being the killer as well as the Park Ranger for the surrounding areas of Crystal Lake; wearing the baghead look used by Jason in Part 2.

Although some fans have craved Elias’ debut to deepen the plot of family Voorhees, here his presence on seems a hinderance to ultimately the relationship between Pamela Voorhees and her son.

We open in 1977 where a teenage mongaloid Jason is being taught to swim by the camp counsellors of Crystal Lake, where Pamela is again the chef.

Whereas they both seem fairly normal, it is Elias who is portrayed as an abusive father who believes that Jason is anti-christ, despite his timid and deformed demeanor.

Jason ends up drowning again at Crystal Lake after a prank goes wrong with the counsellors. From here we fast forward 3 years where Pamela has gone slightly mad with the disappearance of Jason (who hasn’t been found) and slowly starts to become the mother we all know and love.

After Pamela figures out what happened to Jason she attempts her own revenge but she is taken out by one of the counsellors. From here we again press the fast forward button as a now late teens Jason returns almost instantly after her death to go on the rampage.

Already sporting his notorious hockey mask, Jason is brutal as he hunts the counsellors down one by one. Much like the 2009 remake though, this feels like two stories crammed into one film.

There’s too much exposition and sympathy for the young Jason to have him become an invincible brute by what would be half an hour of a film; it just wouldn’t work.

Credit to Guzikowski for trying to give the series fresh blood, but compared to Nick Antosca’s 80’s set sequel this script was probably best left on the shelf.


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