Writer/Director Erick Solis talks indie retro thriller Night Run


After falling short of its fundraising target last year, throwback thriller Night Run is back from the dead, much like its main character and is set to delight retro fans after their 80’s action fix.

Night Run follows Daniel McKormack, a man who returns from the grave on a Halloween night 1985 and seeks revenge on the men who murdered him a year prior.

We spoke to Writer/Director Erick Solis about the project.

Tell us about how the idea for Night Run came about?

Night Run came about because my immense love towards the 1980’s, I’m constantly watching and re-watching 80’s films, from horror, to action to comedy films, there’s this certain aesthetic and rawness that I love from those films, I was still in college when I first wrote the first ideas on a notebook, slowly the story started taking place but it wasn’t until I moved out to L.A. and saved up enough money and had enough resources around me that I began taken the project seriously. I wanted to make my own 80’s movie, that could sit next to some lovely horror B-movies of the 80’s along with some of the more popular ones.

From the trailer it feels littered with 80’s winks and nods, why do you think this was such a good era for the action movie?

I think it’s such a good era for the action movie because of it’s rawness as I mentioned earlier. The stunts and the explosions, all those things were real and tangible, I’m not saying that the 70’s nor the 90’s weren’t littered with real stunts, but to me the 80’s was the boom of the action film, the most popular or well be-loved action films are from that era.

Which character was the most fun to write?

The most fun character to write without a doubt was Johnny, he’s filled with one liners and this over the top attitude, I just kept thinking to myself, “What’s the most vile thing this guy can say?” and I went ahead and wrote it. Many people have pointed out how the character of Johnny seems too over the top, or there’s some “over acting” going on, but that’s precisely the point, in my mind he’s Gary Busey in Lethal Weapon with the young punk attitude of the main gang members from “Savage Streets” that Linda Blair 80’s exploitation flick.

Tell us about the crew working on Night Run?

Well, if I’m honest, there was no crew on the set of Night Run, I did everything, literally. It was myself and my assistant Elizabeth, she was with the actors doing brief make up touch ups or giving them direction since I was across the room setting up the lights, the blocking, the camera, or even choreographing the fight scenes and shoot outs, while running around with the camera changing lens. It was a very stressful shoot, but it was incredibly fun to do.

Tell us about your inspirations as a filmmaker?

My main inspiration as a filmmaker is John Carpenter, hands down. I have others of course, like John McTiernan and James Cameron, but I’m a John Carpenter fanatic, I watch his films constantly learning as much as I can from each frame that he’s captured.

What can we expect from the Night Run soundtrack?

Well, Crockett is doing the score, and he’s such an awesome dude. He sent me over this idea that he was toying around for the film and it was this raw file that he just put together on a whim, and it blew me away, I was like “Send me that right now!, I need to make a promo with it now!”. But you can expect a very action oriented synth heavy score, along the lines of Jan Hammer and Giorgio Moroder.

What do you think sets Night Run apart from other indie projects at the moment​?

My intention and what I think what sets Night Run apart from the other indie project is that I want this movie to feel like a real movie set in 1985, I understand some shots on the trailer were CG, but those shots were CG out of necessity, if I had a real Lamborghini Countach, I would have used that instead! But that’s my main intention, a real and tangible film that feels like an authentic movie shot in the 80’s, filled with a few homages, but most primarily a film that stands on it’s own.

You can still support Night Run on Kickstarter HERE

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