Meg: Hell’s Aquarium review

Meg 4 Hells Aquarium

With the news of the long gestated feature film The Meg finally set to his cinemas this summer, it seems a perfect to examine the fourth book in Steve Alten’s Meg series.

The most admirable feat of this story is the way Alten manages to conjure up a riveting tale that feels fresh but still part of the overall series.

Centred again around an ageing Jonas Taylor, this time round his son David gets as much book time though as they are lead on very different paths.

Jonas is staving off environmentalists who want Angel, the mother Megalodon and her four pups released into the wild.

Whilst this is going on David is offered the opportunity of a lifetime by a Dubai rich prince to venture into waters even Jonas wouldn’t dare venture.

The two storylines help to break things up and add some tension to more intense scenes as both our heroes are put in perilous situations.

Alten as always goes into lots (sometimes too much) detail about the megalodons and other beasts that debut in this novel, but you can’t doubt his attention to detail which borders on fascinating at times.

Meg: Hell’s Aquarium is a superior sequel to its predecessor Primal Waters and will certainly whet the appetite of fans looking forward to Jason Statham’s battle with this 75 foot pre-historic beast later this year.

Buy Meg: Hell’s Aquarium HERE

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