‘Why Hide?’ brings an early Christmas nightmare

why hide

Debuting recently at the Newcastle Film Festival, Why Hide? Could be the indie Christmas horror you’ve been waiting for.

A dysfunctional group of friends gather for Christmas at a remote Airbnb style lodge, but the festivities cease when they are killed of one at a time by a malevolent supernatural force, conjured by and colluding with the oddball lodge owner.

Six diverse friends meet for the Christmas holidays at a remote country house. Reminiscing over old times, confronting hidden truths and using the opportunity for personal gain, the gang cozy up by the fre until cracks and old feuds begin to surface.

Protagonist Rose ‘McKenzie’, an enigmatic beauty is forced to disclose her dark past connected to the area and the group realise the isolated location is no coincidence.

When the dead body of one of the friends is discovered, fngers point immediately at each other, causing tension and betrayal whilst a supernatural and malevolent force manifests in the shadows. Christmas turns to chaos and a bloody nightmare ensues for the remaining grief stricken group.

One by one each friend is terrorised by the entity who toys with their innermost fears. As the last survivor, McKenzie attempt to escape and waves down the property owner’s truck on the moorlands, only to be double-crossed and sacrifced by him…where his racketeering business with the other-dimensional entity is fnally revealed.

Find out the next screening dates for Why Hide? on Facebook.

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