She Came from the Woods review

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By Anthony Wetmore

“She Came From The Woods” is a nasty little not yet finalized short from the Bloomquist Brothers. The story is simple enough, it seems to be one of the last nights at Camp Briarbrook and the young counselors are sitting around a fire and sharing stories.

Of course there’s a legend of a twisted camp nurse with a penchant for leeches and alternative medicine. The story comes with a ritual never to be exacted, but of course this is exactly what they all decide to do, and one by one learn why they should not have.

The Bloomquists have laid out a neat little mythology here, which I believe to be a decent proof of concept. Within the very quick short, we are given a back story, several themes and even a lesson, if you appreciate such things.

There is a sub context that runs through the piece that highlights the dangers of groupthink and peer pressure as a concept. Whether intended or not, the threads are there for a much more fleshed out, perhaps longer version that draws even deeper from this particular well. Self-proclaimed to be pulling from “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” as a direct influence, the dark yet campy nature is achieved here. The story is interesting, some of the props are just real enough to be off-putting, but not so intense as to take away the fun.

The effects and pacing are quick and nasty, allowing for your skin to crawl just long enough before moving on to the next visceral, yet simple end. The characters are well played stereotypes to no complaints, as each fulfills their quota in acting as a pawn in the grander scheme of the ritual and subsequent consequence, left appropriately on an unseen, yet all too well known end note.

If you have the chance to see this short, it’s well worth that short amount of your time.

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