It’s Infection Season on Horror Channel this April


April on Horror Channel sees an INFECTION SEASON spread across Saturday nights with a highly contagious collection of outbreak action, headed by the network premieres of Danny Boyle’s 28 DAYS LATER and the equally impressive sequel 28 WEEKS LATER, starring Robert Carlyle.

There are also welcome re-showings for Breck Eisner’s critically-acclaimed remake of George Romero’s 1973 movie, THE CRAZIES, and M. Night Shyamalan’s boldly unsettling survival movie THE HAPPENING.

Giddy carnage, retro violence and touching romance rule in the UK TV premiere of TURBO KID, an outlandish romp through a pitch-perfect pastiche of hip 1980s popcorn flicks, and there’s also a UK TV premiere for big bug sci-fi thriller SPIDERS 3D, a glorious homage to the creature features from the 1950′s and 1960′s

Fans of Anthony Perkins and the Psycho franchise are in for a treat as Sunday nights at 9pm are devoted to the network premieres of PSYCHO II, PSYCHO III and PSYCHO IV: THE BEGINNING.

Other network premieres include Jeff Wadlow’s violent slasher CRY WOLF, which has Jon Bon Jovi playing a spectacled teacher, Tobe Hooper’s colourful horror ride THE FUNHOUSE and Asif Kadadia’s supernatural terrifier THE RETURN, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Full film details in transmission order:

Sun 1 April @ 21:00 – PSYCHO II (1983) *Network Premiere

Fri 6 April @ 21:00 – SPIDERS 3D (2013) *UK TV Premiere

Sat 7 April @ 21:00 – 28 DAYS LATER…(2002) *Network Premiere

Sun 8 April @ 21:00 – PSYCHO III (1986) *Network Premiere

Fri 13 April @ 21:00 – CRY WOLF (2005) *Network Premiere

Sat 14 April @ 21:00 – 28 WEEKS LATER (2007) *Network Premiere

Sun 15 April @ 21:00 – PSYCHO IV: THE BEGINNING (1990) *Network Premiere

Fri 20 April @ 21:00 – TURBO KID (2015) *UK TV Premiere

Sat 21 March @ 21:00 – THE CRAZIES (2010)

Sun 22 April @ 22:45 – THE FUNHOUSE (1981) *Network Premiere

Fri 27 April @ 21:00 – THE RETURN (2006) *Network Premiere

Sat 28 April @ 21:00 – THE HAPPENING (2008)

Find out more about the Horror Channel HERE

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