Terrifier review

Terrifier 1

You may think the killer clown motif had been done to death with the glorious return of Pennywise in IT last year, but Terrifier is a completely different animal.

Whereas Pennywise has motive this man in the makeup is just a one man wrecking machine that won’t stop until you are in pieces.

The film is a blend of those stalk and slash films that were very popular in the 1980’s, but it’s got a Grindhouse feel to it – mainly due to some extremely gory and creative kill scenes.

Art the Clown has previously been seen in the feature All Hallows Eve in a cameo format but make no mistake that Terrifier is his chance to shine.

There is also some subversion of expectations without giving too much away as some characters are put in situation of peril and you may have marked them for the final girl.

David Howard Thornton steps into the role of Art and from his first appearance watching a couple of girls from an alleyway he is extremely creepy and very sick.

Whereas with Pennywise there could have been a line that he might not have crossed due to the film’s mainstream appeal; Terrifier is very much a horror film for the fans and goes to those levels that will shock audiences.

I also can’t quite recall a group of characters go through the ordeals that Art unleashes on them; to say we have sympathy is an understatement.

Leone’s mission was to create a truly unsettling horror film and he succeeds with bloody glee as Terrifier is certainly a film that will stay with you long after those credits have rolled.

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