Pool Party Massacre review


By Mike Vaughn

Pool Party Massacre is a surprising breath of fresh air in funky neon kinky sex and of course lots of boobs and blood.

A day of care free fun and drinking by some spoiled rich girls are dashed and slashed when a mysterious killer snuffs them out one by one. Drew Marwick’s love letters to 80s splatter flick really delivers the goods that rabid fans come to expect from the genre but it’s not as empty headed as some of the movies it patterns itself after.

What impressed me most was how it perfectly marriages the horror genre with comedy which, may seem easy but one runs the risk of one genre outshining the other or just simply filling it with bad jokes or worse yet going way over the top.

And yes the film is at times outrageous but it never crosses that line of full of gonzo parody. For most filmmakers you might be tempted to go the Scary Movie route but thankfully it doesn’t. Another thing that I have to hand PPL is the solid performances from its cast.

Nick Byer who plays Clay really shines in the comedy department and his sleazy over sexualized character helps break the film up while also breaking the audience up. Any other actor this could have been a giant mess but Byer really nails the character and his expressions and line delivery is spot on. If I had to level some complaints I would have liked some clues sprinkled throughout to give the twist ending a bigger and more satisfying pay off.

Also while most of the jokes hit some miss the mark. Thankfully though you cannot say this movie is boring as its always clipping along with murders, nudity and an overall wonderful debauchery. Also I still want to know what the Devils threeway- um..asking for a friend.

What is most impressive is this is Drew’s feature film debut and he already shows a maturity in the way he crafts a story, puts it together and fills his shots. Despite some writing issues the film is a high energy wonderfully gross out throw back which is meant to be watched with some beers greasy pizza and like minded horror fiends.

Very well done and should not be missed.

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