The Summer I Died by Ryan C. Thomas review

The Summer I Died

You sometimes read the quotes on the front of novels and think ‘yeah yeah, it’s really not going to be that bad’, but in the case of Ryan C. Thomas’ The Summer I Died, it’s very true.

Focussing on two friends who stumble upon a maniac’s house in the woods, this story takes things to brutal places that haven’t been put to paper in living memory.

This is very much a survival tale, but the difference here is that Thomas really makes things worse and worse before even giving a glimmer of hope to the protagonists.

It’s a short story at just over 150 pages, but Thomas packs so much story into those pages that it ends in a way that will leave you actually wanting more.

I suppose when you’ve gone to those depraved places that The Summer I Died does it can’t get any more brutal, can it?

Word is that a film adaptation starring Bill Moseley is in development and if even half of what is in this story makes it to the screen I will be quite surprised.

This is the first of the ‘Roger Huntington Trilogy and I must admit I’m quite intrigued by where this story goes next.

Recommended, but not for the squeamish.


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