Cloverfield Paradox review

Cloverfield Paradox

In a surprise turn around this year’s Superbowl, JJ Abrams pulled a fast one with the release to Netflix of the third Cloverfield film Paradox.

Much like it’s predecessor 10 Cloverfield Lane, this has very little, on the surface, to do with the events of the original where an alien monster and its minions attack and destroy a city.

What Julius Onah’s film does succeed at, is giving us another layer to what seems a very complex story.

With most of the action taking place on a space station, we join a crew looking for a solution to the energy crisis on earth.

There are the usual tropes of conflict, especially between some nationalities, as it’s revealed that some are at war on earth.

Cloverfield itself was quite an enclosed story, focussing on a small group, but here we get a better look at the world these people were living in.

Where The Cloverfield Paradox does come up short is the feeling that we’ve seen all of this before. It offers very little originality to the space journey gone awry motif, if anything last year’s Life was a perfect example of how to get this sort of story right.

With another film planned for the near future, it will be interesting to see if the Cloverfield universe has something original to say next time around.


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