My Friend Dahmer review

My Friend Dahmer

It may seem a pretty sick idea to chronicle the early years of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Whereas fictional killers have had their early years examined with little success (we’re looking at you Hannibal Lecter), Marc Meyers film flourishes as more of a coming of age tale rather than a thorough examination of what makes a killer.

Ross Lynch shines in the role as the unconventional and fish out of water Dahmer who seemingly can’t find his place in the world. His parents are getting divorced and kids at school just don’t get him.

My Friend Dahmer shines in its intimacy as we see Dahmer’s desperation slowly turn to darkness and just when you think he will take a bat to someone’s skull he refrains.

These moments of intensity are few and far between but once the film settles into its groove you get the feeling this isn’t what were here for anyway.

My Friend….. captures the mood of the 70’s perfectly with flares and big hair everywhere and concludes on such a haunting note you don’t really need to see what happens next. Although we all know how Dahmer’s life turned out.

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