Creep 2 review

Creep 2.jpg

By Mike Vaughn

Its confession time my fine horror fans I really didn’t like Creep .

But why don’t you love the furry wolf like everybody else does you might ask. Well allow me to quickly recap. I will give the film credit, it starts out great and the amount of tension it manages to ratchet up was impressive.

Also massive props should go to Mark Duplass who gives performance that skillfully sways from hammy to downright unnerving, he seriously makes the film. However all the amazing work done in the first two acts are completely lost with a out of place and muddled third act which sadly sunk the film for me.

But the fans took Peachfuzz to their black hearts and I knew it wouldn’t be long till a sequel was rushed out to slate horror fans. Well sadly second time is not the charm for this film which actually failed so much in its finale it made me sort of rethink not hating the first as much.

First off I will give credit to the filmmakers for not simply remaking the first film and injecting a new character, new situations and the fact that a woman is in the mix is rift for all sorts of interesting interactions. The problem is the film starts out with a strong first and second act setting up themes and is for the most part engaging.

Though I will say the tension was just not present like the first outing. And exactly like the first film it loses its focus in the third act and the themes it sets up doesn’t really conclude in a satisfying way. It was a case where I thought I knew how it would end but was bitterly disappointed by how it actually wrapped up.

This most certainly felt like a case of lets rush this out and get it out to fans as quickly as possible. 100% on RT? This is seriously why I don’t trust RT in the least.

I gave it a shot but once again Mr. Brice doesn’t know how to end a film, which is a real shame because the set up is solid. I think I will skip three because you just know its coming.

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