Stirring review


With elements of the slasher boom of the 1980’s Stirring is an independent horror with plenty of gore.

The opening sequence details a prank gone wrong which ends with the deaths of two sorority girls.

Years later the sister of one of the girls is spending Christmas in the same house her sister was murdered in, and guess what? There’s a killer on the loose.

Although the concept isn’t wholly original, Stirring does its best to stand out from the slasher crowd with some inventive kills and fantastic special effects.

It would be so easy to go down the CGI route for a low budget horror, but Director Troy Escamilla is clearly a fan of the practical effect, as his shots linger just those extra few seconds even after the victim has been slayed.

Although the ending feels slightly rushed there’s plenty to enjoy here, with Stirring no doubt being added to yuletide terror watch lists for 2018.


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