Bloody Flicks attending Manchester Folk Horror Festival

Manchester Film Horror Festival

We’re absolutely delighted to be covering our first festival of the year; the Manchester Folk Horror Festival which takes place on 3rd February at The Peer Hat in Manchester.

Here’s the programme of films and showing times –

18:30 A Town Of Cats, 9m 30, Steve Manford

18:45 The Hunt, 5m, Noel J. Rainford, Danielle Jameson

18:50 The Stay, 8m 30, Frazer Lee

19:00 Madder Isle, 7m 40, Laura Spark

19:10 Holes In Their Soles, 14min, Andrew Smith

19:30 Bella In The Wych Elm, 36 m, Tom Lee Rutter

20:00 Dogged, 1hr 55m, Richard Rowntree

Tickets for the event which includes live music, poetry readings and plenty more activities are available for £7 each


  1. Hi, do you know what the name of the additional short shown was please? It’s not listed on the ‘Cast’ page/above. It was a mockumentary set in Northumberland about a UFO sighting/UFO enthusiast. Really enjoyed it!

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