Insidious: The Last Key review


By Andy Wheeler

The Last Key was off and running from the start with some pretty cool well timed jump scares and quite an intriguing back story about psychic Elise played by Lin Shaye. Shaye’s character has always taken a back seat in the previous three films but in this she’s front and centre in a story that involves her more than ever before.

James Wan is just a producer on Insidious: The Last Key but his trademark horror tropes are all over it.

It’s quite a good story and as I said the jump scares are delivered thick and fast. There’s one in the middle involving a suitcase that I swear made the whole theatre scream out loud (not me of course, I’m made of sterner stuff).

Everyone’s reaction made me laugh but I have to be fair it was on the money and up there with the best. Only Minor gripe, the actual key fingered demon in this film is pretty cool but let the side down with a weaker than expected battle at the end but that’s me being picky.

I love these films. I adore the characters and the universe that’s been built around them.

As modern horror films go, watered down for a tween audience, it’s nice to see that even though there’s very little gore the Insidious franchise delivers the scares.

I’m in until they stop making them and with talk of an Insidious/Sinister cross over things look rosey for our team of psychic investigators and our red faced demon.

Insidious: The Last Key is a blast! 

**** (out of 5)

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