40th Anniversary Halloween documentary announced

Halloween Documentary Cover Photo v1

Anyone who follows our Facebook page or Twitter feed will know yesterday we announced our first production; For the Love of the Boogeyman: 40 Years of Halloween.

This documentary is by fans and for the fans, chronicling why John Carpenter’s classic has stood the test of time.

Bringing together some of the brightest voices from independent horror we will explore what makes the film so special. From the music, the mask to Michael Myers, everyone has their own take on Halloween, and why it is the blueprint for slasher horror and in our humble opinion, has never been bettered.

We’ve already confirmed our first contributor to the project, Cruel Summer Director Phillip Escott, with plenty more familiar faces in the pipeline.

We’re aiming to release the documentary around Halloween 2018, and the release of the new sequel produced by John Carpenter and starring original cast members Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle.




  1. Now that Mark Roberts has gone public with a couple new pics of the original mask, it would really be the cherry on top to see some footage of it with his cooperation! Same goes for gaining some rights to the Billy Kirkus footage he’s been stuck sitting on for so long that we’ve never been able, nor do we expect, to see.

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