Writers best of 2017: IT

IT trailer 1

By Andy Wheeler

Move over Tim Curry there’s a new dancing clown in town!

What a fun ride IT is.  It‘s the Goonies on steroids. I Loved itAndy Muschietti has delivered quite simply the best direct adaptation of a Stephen King novel I’ve ever seen.

I think it works even better than Kubrick’s The Shining as a direct page to screen adaptation and that is a cinematic work of art in my eyes albeit that was Kubrick’s version of the story and King hated it.

What’s really great about this film is the cast. They are amazing. You’ll fall in love with the losers club but it‘s Bill Skarsgard who absolutely shines as Pennywise the dancing clown. From the opening sewer scene with SS Georgie he absolutely nails it.

It‘s a Genius piece of work and a very different take on it than Tim Curry’s. Obviously there are going to be comparisons to the original and beloved TV movie but this film is a different beast entirely and raises the bar on every level.

The film has some great jump scares and the whole film looks amazing. The 80’s era is littered with nostalgia and the film is also quite funny which most will need to get over the perfectly timed frights.

Believe the hype, IT is first class filmmaking and I can’t wait for chapter 2.

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