The Exorcist Season 2 review


By Andy Wheeler

The Exorcist Season 2 has been quite an interesting experience for me. It’s been so different from the first season and so full of unexpected twists and turns that it has taken me off in all sorts of directions emotionally.

I can’t honestly say if it’s been a better season than the first but definitely on par with it. Personally this is only down to the fact that my love for the original film and book is just too strong and as we know season one turned out to be a direct sequel to that; nevertheless season 2 has been full to the brim with great ideas, superb production and the acting across the board has been on point.

Season 2 and it’s finale was a force to be reckoned with and pushed all the right buttons for me.

It looked at the deeper themes of demonic possession and it’s been interesting to see things from the demon’s perspective, which has been a running theme throughout the season.

Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera have created a powerhouse team that I truly hope we see more of as time goes on and I sincerely hope a season 3 is given a green light. I’m also really quite excited at the proposition of the new team member, Mouse played by Zuleikha Robinson, getting more to and flexing her Exorcist muscles should season 3 be granted.

I have to doff my cap to series creator Jeremy Slater who really gets it and has put together something quite unique and special even under the constraints of a mainstream channel like Fox.

I can only imagine what he could do with the show on Netflix or even HBO where he could crank things up to another level completely.

In a world of lacklustre TV shows where sloppy writing rules, yes Walking Dead I’m talking to you, it’s just great to find a show that cares about its target audience and consistently delivers quality scripts week in and week out instead of filler and perhaps two good episodes per season.

I truly adore this show. From the very first episode in season 1 to the finale of season 2 it’s been on point and as a fan of the genre I cannot speak highly enough of it.

Fox, if you’re listening, give these guys another season, a better time slot and a bigger budget and don’t be surprised if it kicks the competition to the kerb. The Walking Dead is Dead, long live The Exorcist!!!!


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  1. Love this review! Agree completely! If this show does stay on Fox, I truly hope they move the show to a better day and time. In the US, it plays on Friday nights a traditional show killer. Better night would equal better ratings. It would be awesome to see on a platform (Like, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) with more freedom, less restraint.

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