Writers Best of 2017: Better Watch Out

Better Watch Out.jpg

By Dave Hastings

2017 has given us some notable and interesting sparks of life within the genre.

One notable mention is Cult of Chucky, which while fun, suffered from an uneven throw-everything-at-the-wall finale act, and as much as I really wanted to love Scott’s Alien Covenant, again the finale there and its overuse of a CGI neomorph as opposed to the man in the suit option seen in the behind the scene tie-in book imagery, really left a bad taste in my mouth.

As the months went on, IT, looked to be the only strong contender for my horror of 2017. But then I received an early Christmas present in the form of Better Watch Out an unashamedly violent and completely unexpected holiday classic in the making marked further by genuinely strong turns by all members of the cast.

Particularly our younger members who manage to switch between a range of conflicting emotions with relative ease and bring a sense of unease to the ever twisting narrative as well as sell it.

Doused in pure red holiday colours of blood, a storyline that really won’t stop keeping you guessing, as well as a villain and survivor you really want to see more of, Better Watch Out came out from under the tree and has dazzled me ever since.

Now…2018, bring me back a proper Michael Myers!


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