Followers review


We are obsessed with our phones these days.

We can do it all on them, but Ryan Justice’s Followers shows how things can become deadly.

Following a couple who film their existence on their phones, they run into a group who show how easy it is to track someone down and kill through social media.

Using POV methods first employed to great effect by the Paranormal Activity series we see the story through a mobile phone screen, which can make for a jarring experience once things ramp up.

Followers isn’t as straight forward as you may think though, as there are twists and turns that will keep you guessing right until the finale.

Social commentary is abundant in terms of our obsessions with social media and how it has changed how we live our lives but add killing to this and it becomes an entirely different beast.

Surprising, shocking and entertaining, Followers is definitely a film to click the like button for.


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