Bad Match review

Bad Match

We’ve had social media turned deadly in features and shorts including Unfriended and Friend Request, but we’ve yet to have a film that really explores the pitfalls of online dating.

Lest we forget this phenomenon is now considered a norm, whereas 6 or 7 years ago it was frowned upon as a niche method of dating.

So we come to David Chirchirillo’s Bad Match which certainly shows a darker side of the Tinder generation as Harris, a lothario who sleeps with girls on the first date and sneaks off into the night never to be seen again.

This all changes when he meets Riley, someone who wants more from him. There is social commentary about his unwillingness to commit to a relationship, which comes a distant second as his life spirals out of control as Riley becomes border line obsessed.

Bad Match is certainly a film where the devil is in the detail because as things ramp up, little moments you may thought were quite throw away come to the fore and twisted the story into something quite unique but also extremely dark.

Although it’s title says otherwise Bad Match is the ideal match for any horror fan.

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