Interview: Horror YouTuber Camp Crystal Blake

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He’s chatted to horror legends PJ Soles, Sid Haig and Miko Hughes, but we got a chance to ask Tyler Blake Keeton aka Camp Crystal Blake all about his YouTube channel and some exciting plans for 2018.

Tell us where your love of horror films first started?

I grew up watching horror with my dad. Well, he introduced me, at least. Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around our times together in the video store. I remember old school VHS rentals of The Fog, Halloween, and Amityville.
The good ole days. My love and passion for horror really developed in middle and high school, when I realized horror had a true community and family aspect. Horror has honestly always been a part of me, and that’s definitely true into my adulthood.
The fans are so loyal and die-hard. It’s really incredible to be a part of a group of people so devoted to one craft.
With the rise of social media, independent horror has become much more accessible, is this great for the genre?
I think the rise of indie horror is both good and bad. It’s good because emerging filmmakers can really show off their talents and hopefully create new and lasting content. However, it can also be a negative thing.
With so many filmmakers being able to share their material, it causes a lot of story overlap and repetitive formulas. Which really isn’t good for the future of the genre. I think we need to step back a bit and really think about the content we put out there.
There’s a difference in real entertainment and a simple cash-grab. On the flip-side, I would never discourage someone from shooting an indie film. The next great storyteller may be out there somewhere, and we just haven’t met them yet.

What has been your favourite horror of the year so far?
I think the best horror of the year is really a tie for me. It’s complicated, though. I feel that Jordan Peele’s Get Out really set the bar for modern horror.
It deserves an Academy Award, in my opinion. The script…the characters…everything was so relevant and so on-point. We’re living in a messed-up world right now. Especially in America. Everything is changing so quickly, and a lot isn’t for the best.
I think Jordan Peele is an absolute genius for creating REAL horror and tackling race relations. It’s extremely bold and brave. I’m looking forward to what he has in store for us in the future. That being said, I also loved the remake of IT.
I don’t really think it’s fair to compare it to the original mini-series, as Tim Curry is a legend. But the remake is also bringing horror closer to a place of being recognized as an art form. I think the genre really lacks proper credibility among critics. It’s sometimes disheartening.
Who has been your favourite actor/actress to interview so far?

It sounds a bit corny, but I truly can’t choose a favorite interview I’ve done. I’m still this nerdy kid, in a lot of ways, freaking out over the fact that I’m even blessed enough to interview these guys and gals.

You have to keep in mind…I grew up watching these people. They’re icons to me. I feel this overwhelming sense of love and admiration for them. But I’m also able to separate the “fanboy” aspect of my job from keeping things professional and fun to watch.
There has to be a separation, if I want to do my job the right way. I’m able to call several of these stars actual friends now, post-interview.
What can we expect from Camp Crystal Blake in 2018?

I think y’all can expect quite a bit from Camp Crystal Blake in the coming year! I’m gearing up to shoot a brand-new opening to my channel. Like, an official opening. It’s crazy that the channel has really picked up steam so quickly.

I know a look I want in mind for the opening. Lots of black. Lots of blood. Lots of smoke. And, you guessed it, I’ll actually be starring in it. More of a horror host vibe. We’re hopefully shooting that within the next few months. I’m hoping to do a lot more intimate sit-downs with the stars in 2018, as well.
My special with Linnea Quigley holds a very near-and-dear place in my heart. I was able to shoot it at my buddy Victor’s house in Ohio. We all had pizza and talked a whole lot of mess after we shot our interview. Some secrets I’ll never tell! One thing I do know, though…I’ll never stop doing these interviews.
How hard is it to get hold of horror icons to interview?

6.) It really is a game of chance, for my talks with these actors and actresses. I’ve only ever had one star tell me no. It was a very rude encounter, but I don’t hold it against him. Like I said, I look up to these people.

For their work. It’s hard to let one “no” alter my drive. At the end of the day, I’m really here to show these stars that I realize they’re people, too. And I want to make them feel as comfortable as possible. I love making them laugh. Which I’m sure y’all have noticed. We’ll see what’s to come in the future!
We saw on Twitter your dream interview would be with Heather Langenkamp, is this the aim for the Camp Crystal Blake channel?

I would *screams* LOVE *screams* to interview Heather. She’s the final girl of dreams, right? Of course I’d love to get her. I would never say it isn’t a possibility. I was fortunate enough to meet Robert Englund back in September of this year.

What an incredible dude. It’s really amazing to see someone’s career in the genre span such a long time. I think Heather is really the same way. Her portrayal of Nancy is absolutely iconic. And I think she realizes that.
She has this way of looking at her fans with such love. And you can tell she’s grateful for the opportunities she’s had along the way. I just really respect her. Let’s start a campaign to get her to Camp Crystal Blake.
Subscribe to Camp Crystal Blake YouTube channel HERE

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