Cute Little Buggers review

cute little buggers.jpg

From its first few minutes aboard an alien spaceship where a new species of aliens are set to unleash a new kind of threat to earth, you have to kind of accept that this going to be completely bonkers.

It won’t win any awards for special effects as the killer bunnies are on par with the CGI sharks from the Sharknado series, but there’s plenty here to entertain.

What ‘Cute Little…..’ does is invest in its characters, as we spend enough time with groups of characters who all seem to have something going, even the aliens who have some of the funniest exchanges.

What we get is an ensemble who are pitted against the deadly bunnies and they find some quite unique ways to vanquish their foes.

There are winks and nods to recent B monster movies such as Zombeavers and Black Sheep, which succeeds more when it’s trying to make you laugh rather than scaring you.

It may be slightly bloated at 1 hour 45 minutes in running time, but Cute Little Buggers is a film that doesn’t require you to think too much but just sit back and embrace the madness.



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