Final Girls by Riley Sager review

final girls

During the slasher boom of the 1980’s we saw time after time a girl face off against some maniacal, usually masked killer and vanquish them in some creative way.

But what happens next?

Riley Sager’s Final Girls delves deeper into the psychology of what it is to be a ‘final girl’ i.e the survivor of a massacre.

It does lend some tropes from the horror sub genre, but makes a rounded story that has so many intriguing plot twists, it will keep you guessing right up until the final chapter. Seriously.

I find sometimes horror stories have to hit a midway lull before ramping up for a big finale, but Final Girls is such an immersive and deep story that it will certainly keep you reading.

The story centres¬†around the life of ‘final girl’ Quincy, who survived a massacre many years ago, as her life is suddenly jolted by the arrival of Samantha, another final girl, right around the time of the murder of a final girl in another party of the country.

Is this coincidence or is it this all connected?

A strikingly original and compelling story, Final Girls is easily one of the best horror novels of 2017.

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