Tonight She Comes review

Tonight She Comes

A rare gem comes along every now and then, that’s completely off the wall nuts and is frighteningly original.

Welcome to Matt Stuertz’s Tonight She Comes, which may sound like a bad porno name, but there’s much more going on here.

Based across a 24 hour period, we follow two friends searching for their friend who meet a mysterious set of the strangers near a cabin in the woods. And that is as conventional as Tonight She Comes.

The story unravels as this becomes something quite nuts, and gory, very gory. We also have some light moments of goofy comedy to mix up and the final third takes us into twisted territory.

The pulsating synth score is a highlight too.

I can’t recall a film that actually made me want to vomit, so Tonight She Comes has that dubious honour for a certain scene (you’ll know which one), so thanks for that.

The cast do their job effectively enough with Jenna McDonald’s Felicity the stand out, and Nathan Eswine’s James providing some comic relief.

Tonight She Comes is a fun filled ride to the depth of hell and back, with some truly shocking moments. This could be the most original horror of 2017 so far.

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