The Nest (2021) review

Right from the outset of James Suttles The Nest there is an air of creepiness and the feeling that everything isn’t what it seems.

After a young girl picks up a creepy looking teddy bear at a yard sale she is attacked and we get the hint that she has become infected with some type of parasite. From here her family changes and she becomes very distant from parts of her family but increasingly clingy with her mother.

Taking notes from classics such as The Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Suttles feature drips with dread and does well at expanding its mythology as it goes along.

The practical effects are also a sight to behold and hark back to films like The Hidden, which gives you an indication of where the film is going. This is very much a body horror masquerading as a family drama.

Interestingly, its conclusion goes for a poignant roundup rather than a big spectacle but this feels more true to the story Suttles wants to tell.

The Nest screens as part of Grimmfest’s May Madness virtual event starting today.

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