Five indie horror Halloween treats 🎃

So the season of Halloween is upon us and for many of us horror fans we are spoilt for choice about what to add to our watch lists for this year.

But fear not Bloody Flicks has 5 essentials to set you on your way.


Damien Leone’s solo outing for All Hallows Eve’s Art the Clown proved worth the wait with some blood curdling special effects and a killer who could be destined for bigger things.

Volumes of Blood

PJ Starks’ horror anthology was a surprise hit back in 2015 and helped to launch a series, with a third feature on its way.

A mix of gory kills, clever wit and plot twists make this an essential Halloween watch.

The Barn

Justin M. Seaman’s The Barn is a labour of love that was written by the filmmaker as a child and was fully fleshed out into a fully fledged love letter to the season.

With three memorable villains and dripping in nostalgia, The Barn is a must watch.


One of the newest editions to the horror anthology circuit, Rocky Gray’s 10/31 offers a mix of memorable visuals, great music and a host more Halloween horror tales.

The Witching Season

If you like your horror in bite sized chunks look no further than Michael Ballif’s anthology The Witching Season.

Each episode offers a fresh horror tale, with a mix of style and narrative. Fourth episode They Live Inside Us is also currently being adapted into a feature.

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