The Purge TV series need to offer something fresh

The Purge TV series.jpg

We are now four films into the Purge series and whilst The First Purge was in development, Blumhouse announced a TV series which will dovetail the movies.

It makes perfect commercial sense to capitalise on what has been a hit and largely entertaining series for the production company.

The problem I have with the pilot of the TV series, is simply it didn’t offer anything we haven’t seen in the previous four films.

We basically work on the hourly countdown to the annual Purge, with the episode basically building up to that moment.

We are introduced to some new characters, including members of what looks like a Purge re-styled suicide pact gang.

Since Election Year primarily, the series has decided to really wear its political agenda on its sleeve, a motif carried on in this episode as the NFFA prepares to ‘cleanse’ society.

The action scenes are decent enough and it ends with a little bit of a jolt, but The Purge series is going to have to try harder to attract a wider audience outside fans of the film series.