Santa Claus is a Vampire review


By Matthew Price

If you haven’t been watching Scary Endings, you’ve been missing out. Their short films vary from ghoulishly inventive to fiendishly hilarious. You should absolutely subscribe to their YouTube channel. So, in the spirit of the holiday season, we decided to review their Christmas episode from last year, Santa Claus is a Vampire.

As with all of the shorts Scary Endings shorts, the movie looks great. The cinematography, gore effects, and Christmas cheer production design are all top notch. I don’t know how they manage it with these no-budget productions.

The acting is great all around, too. Hannah Marshall is great as Sharon, a mother desperate to protect her child. Charlotte Chimes has some funny bits as the baby sitter. And Casey Kooyman as Vampire Santa is just perfect.

The film starts out great, with a tone reminiscent of Gremlins (another Christmas classic). The introduction of Vampire Santa (hilariously with no explanation whatsoever) is handled masterfully, and the filmmakers manage to wring quite a bit of suspense out of Sharon trying to protect her home.

It’s only four minutes, so you can’t expect a lot of twists and turns, but even at that short length, the action grows repetitive. The description says, “Traditional vampire rules apply…,” but that’s not really true; the vampire enters the house without an invitation. Considering that Kris Kringle’s whole raison d’être is entering homes on Christmas Eve, this feels like a missed opportunity for some comedic irony.

Instead, we get what seems to be a vampire dressed up as Santa, rather than St. Nick himself becoming a vampire. Other than the aforementioned Christmas decorations, there’s nothing really here that sets it apart from a standard vampire story.

Overall, definitely worth a watch, but it’s not Scary Endings’ best work. If you do like it, check out Welcome to the Circus or their viral hit Skypemare.

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